Money Clip Hopi Native American Sterling Silver Bear Money Clip

Money Clip Hopi Native American Sterling Silver Bear Money Clip


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Keep your money secure and safe while expressing your appreciation of Native American jewelry. What makes this money clip unique is that the Spider designed top is domed, rather than the usual flat money clip.  This Bear money clip was handcrafted by Hopi artist, Joe Josytewa.  

To create this money clip, Joe Josytewa used skills that have been handed down through many generations in a process called Hopi Overlay, that involves using two layers of sterling silver. The bottom layer is recessed, etched and oxidized to give it that characteristic textured, blackened background that Hopi jewelry is known for. The second layer is the detailed Badger Bear Claw design that was created with small jeweler’s hand saws and chisels. The beautifully polished top layer is bonded to the bottom layer in a complex soldering process that creates the contrast between the two layers. This Hopi overlay process is tedious and requires a steady hand. Hopi designs usually include cultural symbols that include animals, nature or clan symbols that are considered religious or secular in meaning. The Bear is a symbol strength, introspection, the power within and leadership.

For easily handling and durability, the lower portion of the money clip is made of stainless steel.

This money clip makes a great gift for any man.  

  • Joe Josytewa, Hopi Native American artist
  • Domed money clip measures 2" by 1"
  • Money Not Included
  • Weight: 31.18 grams
  • Made in the USA
  • Free shipping within the United States